OILMISER™ Air Breather Assemblies for Speed Reducers & Gearboxes 

JLM Systems now offers a full range of OILMISER™ Gearbox Breathers and Accessories, designed for gearboxes that operate continuously.  In these critical applications a “kidney loop” filtration system, independent of the gearbox operation, remains the best choice for machinery reliability.

OILMISER™ Gearbox Breathers and accessories are designed to replace the gearbox breather that was supplied by the manufacturer.  In most cases the OILMISER™ Gearbox Breather can be installed in minuets, and without gearbox modifications.

Without compromising the fluid level in the gearbox, or the integrity of the enclosed air space, an off-line filtration system will continuously circulate and polish the oil, removing contamination that adversely affects the long term performance of lubricated machinery.

On gearboxes with a top access female pipe port, the OILMISER™ Gearbox Top Breather is available in 3/4" and 1" NPT (male) pipe. 

The Gearbox Top Breather as illustrated has the following part number GTB-4100-A100-QC50.  It has a 1" NPT male pipe connection, a separate airway for a slip fit desiccant breather and a separate oil passage with a 1/2 inch Quick Disconnect (Coupler) and dust plug.  This unique feature provides a burpless flow path for the returning oil.

Our Flange Mount Gearbox Top Breather can be mounted to the gearbox inspection cover, using a conventional 6 hole by 2.88" bolt circle pattern.  For the flange mount version illustrated, the part number is GTB-1000-QC50. Air quality within the enclosed air space is assured with the OILMISER™ 5 micron air filter and all-weather molded cap, which stays in place at all times.

A variety of OILMISER™ Top End Couplers can accommodate alternative air filters including desiccant air breathers.

In the normal set-up for independent Off-Line Filtration on gearboxes and speed reducers, the bottom drain port is used for the suction line to the Off-Line Filtration system.  The OILMISER™ Gearbox Service Point threads into the bottom drain port. 

The part number for the Gearbox Service Point illustrated is GSP-4100-MB25-QN50. It  has a 1" male pipe connection.  It includes a 12" long (1/4" ID) stainless steel sampling tube, a Minimess sampling valve, and a 1/2 inch Quick Disconnect (Nipple) and dust cap.  The polished oil from the filtration system is then returned to the Gearbox via the side port on the OILMISER™ Gearbox Top Breather. 

OILMISER™ Gearbox Breathers are also available for speed reducers and gearboxes that use a side port for filling and venting.  OILMISER™ Gearbox Side Breathers are designed for female pipe ports from 2" NPT down to 1" NPT.  All mounting hardware and the return oil tube are 316 stainless steel.

Part No.  GSB90-1100-BE200
90 Degree by 2" Pipe with 5/8" Return Oil Tube

Part No.  GSB90-1100-BE100
90 Degree by 1" Pipe with 1/2" Return Oil Tube

A picture is worth thousands of words and thousands of miles: 

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In most cases we can accurately assess your requirements, and supply an OILMISER™ Gearbox Breather that can be installed in minutes.  For other applications we can manufacture and supply a complete gearbox access plate, fitted with the appropriate OILMISER™ Gearbox Breather.  In all cases, an OILMISER™ Gearbox Breather, fitted to your gearbox or speed reducer is the simple answer to the long term and cost saving benefits of an Off-Line Filtration system.

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